Borets Offers New Artificial Lift Solutions

12 June, 2012

Borets engineers attended the 9th International Conference Artificial Lift 2012 in late April. The Conference, one of the most remarkable events in the oil & gas industry, takes place annually and provides vast opportunities for interaction between professionals while contributing to technology enhancement and economic development of the industry. Artificial Lift 2012 was organized by Oil & Gas Vertical journal in cooperation with the Artificial Lift Expert Board.

Representatives of various oil & gas operators and service companies, manufacturers of oil field equipment and R&D centers summarized the results of artificial lift in 2011 and shared their experience in solving live issues such as enhancement of power efficiency, reliable operation in harsh environments, implementation of smart control systems, and enhanced oil recovery.

Trends and topics change from year to year. This year the main topics of the Conference included artificial lift, servicing, new technologies and equipment for oil recovery, power efficient solutions, selective injection and dual completion, complicated well environments, smart wells, sucker-rod pump systems operation and repair, tubing, PCP systems, and formation pressure maintenance.

Borets team made two reports. The attendees showed a great interest in the report on Borets developments for complicated operating conditions, presented by Evgeniy Kokunin, the head of our Engineering Department. The report gave a detailed description of design features and functionality of gas handling units (gas handlers and vortex gas separators) that ensure stable operation at 90% GOR. It also introduced solids separation equipment – slotted filters, hydrocyclone solids separators, and slotted filters-intakes.

The second report on Efficient solutions for enhanced oil recovery was presented by Nikita Lunev, ESP Integration Team Manager in


Nizhnevartovsk region.The focus was the design of the Dual Pumping System consisting of two 4-size ESP systems, and the Selective Injection System for formation pressure maintenance. The system is designed as an inverse ESP system. According to Rosneft, the MTBF of such inverse systems exceeds 600 days.

The Conference covered more than fifty reports and the majority of attendees found it fruitful due to a great opportunity to share experience and discuss their achievements in artificial lift.