Expansion of Borets R&D Center in Tulsa, USA

14 January, 2013


Mid January 2013, a presentation on expansion of the R&D center was made at the Borets HQ in Tulsa, OK attended by representatives of the local business and municipal circles of Tulsa and of the state’s oil companies.   Visitors were presented with a plan of further expansion of the Borets R&D center and saw other labs already in operation where prototypes of new oilfield equipment are designed, built and tested.

As of now, the Borets R&D center is equipped with testing benches for testing downhole and surface equipment, two 73 m deep vertical wells allowing testing of full assembled systems in close to real conditions.To test serial and new products, including high-speed motors and high-flow pumps, automated horizontal benches are used. One of such horizontal benches is equipped with devices simulating pump operation in the steam-assisted gravity drainage mode (SAGD). The SAGD technology is applied for heavy oil production when operating temperature reaches 250°C. This advanced testing technology will help to broaden the application range, improve quality and design of the manufactured equipment.

Upon the presentation, Dewey Bartlett, Mayor of Tulsa, highly appreciated the Borets R&D center in terms of creating new jobs for the city. He commented that the Borets R&D center, alongside with other oil companies’ facilities in the Tulsa area, make the place a hub of oilfield equipment development, including design of new downhole pumping equipment.