ESP High-Speed Systems

ESP access to small-diameter wells increases production; extended operating range reduces intervention frequency and cost
manufacturing complex geometry stages metal injection molding

Increase run time and production at lower cost with Borets high-speed ESP systems, available for flow rates ranging from 125 bpd (20 m3/d) up to 4,400 bpd (700 m3/d) in casing sizes with a minimum ID of 3.46 in (88 mm) or larger.

electric submersible pump ESP slimline flow rate series size production restricted small casing

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Slimline ESP System

Designed to increase oil production in small-diameter wells, Borets 272 series Slimline ESP system delivers reliable operation in 3.46 in. ID and larger casings. This high-speed ESP system operates at flow rates from 164 to 1,258 bpd and delivers head up to 12,500 ft.

Slimline ESP system pumps are available in three construction options: floater, compression, and packet. The innovative Borets Packet pump is better able to withstand the harsh conditions and abrasive production typically experienced by ESPs in unconventional well applications.

Borets 319 series energy-efficient high-speed permanent magnet motor (PMM) drives the Slimline ESP system, with motor efficiency up to 91% and power factor close to one. Borets-15 VSD controls the Slimline ESP system. VSD application-specific firmware contains all needed algorithms for controlling the system under a wide variety of well conditions.

WR2 ESP System

The innovatively designed Borets Wide Range Wear Resistant (WR2) ESP system exploits new technologies, manufacturing process, and materials to expand electric submersible pump (ESP) system capabilities. The WR2 pump is designed to handle harsh well conditions including high amounts of gas and sand produced through the pump. This pump is ideally suited for a wide range of production with the goal of extending run life and minimizing well interventions.

The WR2 utilizes a metal injection molding (MIM) manufacturing process never before used in the ESP industry. MIM provides precise dimensional tolerances, enhanced surface finishes, and no undersurface cavities.

The WR2 incorporates a superior hydraulic design for improved efficiency over a wider flow range, therefore reducing operating costs and improving reliability while optimizing production under dynamic downhole conditions.

Hydraulically balanced stages reduce thrust wear at boundary conditions greatly enhancing the operating range as compared to conventional ESP designs. This results in higher reliability, less stress on the system, and longer operating life. The mixed-flow design allows gas to pass easily through the pump compared to a radial-flow stage, mitigating gas locking and well-cycling conditions that can cause electrical shorts and other issues reducing ESP system run life.

The Borets WR2 pump mixed-flow design provides increased efficiency and reduced gas locking.