Application Challenges – Mature Fields

Artificial Lift for Mature Fields

Cost-efficient ESP systems for low or high fluids rates, even in harsh environments

Mature, or brownfields, are usually characterized by depleted reservoir pressures and reduced oil rates together with higher volumes of produced water and gas. Pressure maintenance, secondary recovery methods, and associated infrastructure make economic production in mature fields an ongoing challenge.

Electric submersible pumps (ESPs) are a well-proven and widely utilized form of artificial lift in mature fields all around the world. Borets ESPs, powered by permanent magnet motors (PMM), are the solution when it comes to optimal performance at reduced operating expense. PMMs can help reduce electrical power consumption by up to 20%. By incorporating gas separators and the Vapro multiphase gas-handling pump, Borets ESPs are capable of producing with up to 90% free gas at intake.

Other key technology for mature field production:

  • Packet Pump – packet-style pump construction enables higher tolerance to abundant solids in harsh production environments
  • SandTrapper – installed in the tubing string, SandTrapper eliminates the risk of pump damage due to solids fallback upon unplanned ESP system shutdown