Production Optimization

Expert analysis and customer collaboration to improve equipment and field-wide production performance

Optimization of any pumping system starts by using all available well data to properly select and size the equipment that makes up the complete system.  Once operating, the monitoring and evaluation of data by highly trained Application Engineers enables them to make recommendations and operating refinements to achieve optimum system performance. The delicate balance between well behavior and pump performance means that as well conditions change, pump performance needs to evaluated and modified according to the priorities set out by the customer for maximizing either well production or equipment run life.

Borets’ experts provide production optimization (PO) services in a very flexible and customized manner. We do this first by:

  • Understanding and aligning with our customers’ PO goals
  • Analyzing and understanding the effectiveness of any previous optimization efforts
  • Assessing availability and access to reservoir and wellbore characterization data, historical production data, information about previous well treatments or interventions, existing possible constraints
  • Examining existing well performance to better understand the relationship between current decline rates and drawdown
  • Analyzing variances between original pump system design and current performance
  • Defining project scope and required resources

Our customers’ production is optimized through any combination of Borets actions including:

  • Establishing key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Customized pump system design options based on reservoir capabilities and our customer’s objectives
  • The potential utilization of innovative technology available in Borets broad product portfolio
  • Remote well monitoring and surveillance including the periodic recommendation for adjustments to operational parameters
  • Periodic field-wide analysis and reviews to assess performance impacts and identify additional areas for improvement
  • Regular reporting, communication, and evaluation of performance against established KPIs